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Copyright (c) 2007-08 by Marcin "MiniQ" Kielesinski

BrainWasher is based on a source code of AmiGG (c) 2003-04 by Piotr Wegnerowski,
(c) 2004-08 by Marcin "MiniQ" Kielesinski.

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AmiGG - What is it?
AmiGG is instant messenger client of very popular Polish protocols Gadu-Gadu and Tlen. It has been created in 2003 for Amiga, as Gadu-Gadu creators had not prepared Amiga version of that messenger. AmiGG has been writen by Piotr Wegnerowski, who later had no time to continue his work on AmiGG. Some Good Folks (Jager, hi! ;)) did not let the programme die and made me take over this task in February 2004.

AmiGG was just a simple messanger at the beginning, with only text-sending option. I made it more functional, with almost all possibilities of GG protocol and, later, Tlen.

The programme is no longer developed and it's about to be replaced by new project - BrainWasher.

Some features::
  • Unique tabs system allowing several conversations in single window.
  • AmigaAMP plug-in changing current status to a title of a song being played.
  • Sauronizator plug-in tracing a person you talk to. You can check IP,
    messenger version etc.
  • Animated emoticons - normal thing in modern messengers, still new features in
    Amiga programmes..
  • Files and images sending (quite self-explaining ;-).
  • Pop3 module checking for new e-mails on your account.
  • Detailed preferences giving you a possibility to highly customize the way
    AmiGG looks and works.
  • Displaying pictures of a person you talk to.
  • Antispam stopping most of chain messages and similar.
AmiGG - Implemented features of the protocols
Protocol Sending files SSL Proxy Conferences Gfx sending in a chat window
Gadu-Gadu Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Tlen No Custom Yes No No

AmiGG - Requirements
1. Minimum hardware requirements:

amigaos3_ikonka.gif (204 bytes)  Classic Amiga : AmigaOS3.0+, MUI3.8, 8 MB Fast, 68020+
morphos_ikonka.gif (204 bytes)  MorphOS
amigaos4_ikonka.gif (232 bytes)  AmigaOS 4.0
aros_ikonka.gif (232 bytes)  AROS: Processor x86

2. Required MUI classes:

TextInput.mcc +28,
TextEditor.mcc +15 (included),
NList.mcc +20,
+ NFloattext.mcc
+ NListview.mcc
Busy.mcc +17,
Toolbar.mcc +15,

3. Other requirements:

- wbstart.library +2 for "internet update" option

- openurl.library +4 and OpenURL programme (it's best to place it in "c:")
- Play 16 to play sounds (it's best to place it in "c:")
Standard system libraries in version 38 or better, WORKING datatypes (jpeg, gif, ilbm, png, aiff, iff, wav).

4. Additional requirements for AOS3+::

FAST memory - the more the better (I mean 4MB in classic Amiga is some kind of
missunderstanding ;))

You NEED FBLIT programme running to display graphics on AGA chipset!
NOFBLIT switch turns that AmiGG requirement off.

Running in background:

Muforce from MMULib to Debug Log

ATTENTION! "Net:" partition in script stands for path for AmiGG directory.
It's time to run the programme now.